Ve Spero - The Most Bizarre Side of Magic

Ve Spero (Latin; pronounced “Veh Sparrow”) had his first encounter with the art of magic in 2002, and since then, it has become an integral part of his daily life. He is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist by day, a Paranormalist by night and member of both the British Psychological Society and the International Magicians Society. Following numerous performances for charity events, theaters, municipalities, hotels, book presentations, and television broadcasts, he has chosen to specialize in a type of magic that remains relatively unknown to the Greek public.
The supernatural and the thrill of danger captivated him from a young age, sparking his interest in magic. However, he soon realized that colorful silks, canes, playing cards, and ribbons did not align with his initial conception of “magic.” As such, these items do not feature in his repertoire. Instead, Ve is passionate about performing acts that involve swallowing blades, needles, glass, executing Russian roulette routines, and impaling nails and other sharp objects on his body, offering just a glimpse into his daring performances. For those seeking a less physically perilous experience, Ve can guide you through the eeriest journeys you’ll ever embark on, leaving behind his dangerous acts.
His extensive research into death, religion, the occult, the paranormal, and the spiritual realm has equipped him with the knowledge to create performances based on the illusion of invoking spirits and conducting theatrical séances. Tarot and palm readings are also available for those interested.
If you’re eager to explore emotions you’ve never felt before, join Ve in a spiritual, hazardous, and bizarre world—a world he navigates solely with his thoughts. This is a realm filled with high doses of controversy and madness…

* Fortune telling is available for entertaining purposes only.